This film has had an interesting story.

After completing the shoot, a challenging but thrilling exercise which involved walking around various neighbourhoods in Manhattan, most of the film that was shot was lost by the lab that was to develop the film. The footage you see in the film is actually the result of having gone out again, but this time during an impossibly cold weekend. The twists and turns were not to end there. Once edited and completed, I went back to do some changes to the film and the hard drive holding the film crashed. Luckily, I had a copy of the last master on disc, a process I was glad to have adopted in the past.

My second feature length film was intended to be the longer version of this short. I added more characters, expanded on certain ideas but the story was still built essentially on the same themes. Four weeks of shooting, several thousands of dollars, an immeasurable amount of effort on behalf of the crew and cast, and countless hours of overtime later, we were alerted by the people handling our developing that all the film stock from a specific batch was damaged. Unfortunately, that batch represented 65 of the 72 rolls that we had shot. The film was dead. A legal back and forth ensued over the next year with the manufacturer of the film and while the resolution was favorable to me, it left the film with no hope of being made again anytime soon.

I decided to go back to the short that had inspired everything to begin with. And here we are today. There have been various developments in the independent film world over the past years. There was a time when having a distributor notice your work was the only way anyone was ever going to put enough backing behind you to get your film on the path to being seen. In a very short amount of time, more paths have appeared. Over the past few years, I started to notice how independent musicians were using the internet and some dramatically effective distribution models to reach their audiences. They could target the people that supported their work directly. I decided that if I wanted to get my film to people who'd enjoy it, I was going to have to distribute it myself. And thus, this site was born.

If you watched my film, I thank you. If you've shared it with others then you've helped to spread it and though it may seem insignificant, you've contributed to allowing me to be a storyteller.


Phil Vasquez