As Sylvie will tell you herself, we are the stories we tell and in her case, her stories are her songs. A songwriter is, after all, a storyteller who finds a melodic way of sharing experiences. But there is more to Sylvie's work than just the telling of tales through music. If what an artist produces is a reflection and reinterpretation of the things he or she absorbs, then it is simply astounding how broad her world of influences is and how many musical genres and eras she is fluent in.

There is timelessness to the work found on her two albums, "Tangos and Tantrums" and "Translations". The songs aren't of any one time and yet they are so authentically faithful to so many musical styles. And yet her sound remains supremely original, thoughtfully alluring, and inherently her.

Two of Sylvie's songs are featured, with admiration, in Song of Relations.