Phil Vasquez grew up in Toronto, Canada. He attributes his love of filmmaking and writing to having been exposed in childhood to a strong dose of classic films, jazz, and popular music from the American Songbook, all of which fed his mind's eye with the sights and sounds of a bygone era.

In 2001, Phil finished his first feature length screenplay, having taught himself screenwriting. With the assistance and support of filmmaker friends, Phil set to work immediately on making his first film from his first script with no prior experience. The completed feature was shown at a private screening at Toronto's famed repertory theater, Bloor Cinema, accomplishing one of Phil's personal goals.

Phil moved to New York City in 2004 to study at the New York Film Academy, now convinced that the investment would be worthwhile after the experience of having completed a feature film. The studies produced several short films and his second feature. He has also continued working on his writing.

Phil shot Song Of Relations himself with the help of a camera operator to shoot the scene in which he appears. In a mix up with the processing lab, all rolls containing the city footage were lost. Frustrated, but undeterred, Phil went out again to recapture the various city shots around Manhattan that make up the majority of the film carrying an Arri-S, a tripod, and rolls of film. The narration was an improvised monologue that was being prepared as Phil collected his shots around the city.

Song Of Relations was shot entirely on location over one weekend in Manhattan cold enough to incapacitate and infuriate even the most ardent winter weather enthusiast, something Phil proudly admits to being. It encapsulates his love for the poetry of Walt Whitman, the history of New York, and their connection to each other. The film expresses Phil's sentiments and observations of some of the city's inhabitants towards their surroundings.

Phil lived in Manhattan until 2012 when he was granted a visa by the French Consulate to write, produce and shoot his next film in France. He currently lives in Paris with his wife, their cat, and several books and records.